Energy Worker, Yoga teacher & meditation leader..........

Embracing the Simple Pleasures of Life in Rural France.

i'm a nature loving, crystal collecting flower lady with a need to share and help others to feel their best healthiest self.

I have made HUGE mistakes in the past, by prioritising work over my health. 

I’ve learnt the hard way and now want to share with anybody that NEEDS to hear it, my self care tools for a BALANCED and HEALTHY LIFE. 

Tools, that you will always have in your toolbox when needed, to help you to HEAL YOURSELF and to create new HOLISTIC HEALTH HABITS.


I have struggled with mental and physical burnout, a debilitating back injury, thyroid issues and most recently a collar bone injury and tissue damage caused by a dreadful car accident. 

I know how it feels to feel unwell and the frustration and pain that comes with an injury. I also know that we are largely responsible for our own health and wellbeing. Its so easy to hang the responsibility of your recovery on medication and doctors and to just take a back seat feeling frustrated that you are not feeling better and healing quickly enough.

I want to help you to feel back in control of your own health and self care. To help you feel empowered, to feel confidence in your own body again. and to be compassionate with yourself.  

Are you ready to take resposibility for your healing?



Meditation Leader

VTCT Crystal Therapist

Healing Yoga Teacher

Reiki Practitioner/Teacher


Whatever your lifestyle looks like right now, however difficult it may feel to try something new. You have the option to empower yourself and choose wellness and better health. Are you ready ?

Join the Calm Your Spirit Community, you dont have to do it alone !

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Freya Sanz