Yin Yoga & The Five Element Theory Retreat Day


Join us for a relaxing and rejuvenating day of yoga in a beautiful setting. Vegetarian/ Vegan Lunch is included.

This retreat day is the perfect opportunity to unwind and reconnect with your body and mind. It is designed for individuals looking for a restful day of yin yoga. Yin yoga is a slow-paced practice where each pose is held for an extended period of time. This allows for a deeper stretch and improved flexibility, it also gives you time for introspection and deep relaxation. Yin yoga is a wonderful way to balance the body’s energy and improve overall well-being.

As part of this workshop I will be incorporating Five Element Theory, this theory is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine and focuses on the five elements Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each element represents different parts of the body and by working with these elements, we can promote balance in the body.


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