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Six Weeks To Reduce your Back Pain

Are you ready to take back your power and be responsible for your own health and healing?

Do you struggle with back pain and discomfort?

Are your back issues stopping you from enjoying your life to the fullest?

Has your normal sleep pattern been disrupted due to pain and discomfort from your back? 

Does your back discomfort and tightness make you fearful that you are going to experience past pain and issues?

Are your back issues and pain  affecting your interactions with others?

Have you lost confidence in your body and specifically the strength of your back?

Have you noticed a reduction in movement and flexibility in your back?

Is your back pain Holding you back ?

Is your back pain creating stress and anxiety in your day to day life ?

Do you fear that you are never going to be pain free ever again ?

Do you need some motivation to step onto the yoga mat and improve your health ?



If So You are in the Right Place!

I can’t wait to help you feel better and to feel back in control of your own health and personal healing again.

What you will learn on this Six week
online course

  • To use yoga and meditation as a tool for managing pain and stress.
  • Key poses that will continue to improve your general back health.
  • Healing yoga routines created specifically for improving your back health.
  • Increased awareness of your body and how to avoid putting stress onto the back. 
  • How to increase your overall flexibility.
  • To have more confidence in your body by improving your core strength .
  • How to recognise the things that trigger your back discomfort.
  • The connection of pain and the emotional body.
  • How to work with the Meridians to reduce your back pain.
  • How to begin to re-establish the mind/body connection and why it is important.
  • Holistic self care tools to support your back health.

Why do you need this course ?

Its hard to begin to change old patterns of behaviour and of thinking, but by taking the step to try a new approach you are opening yourself up to a new outcome.

Number One

Feel the sense of empowerment created by taking control of your health

Number Two

Reduce the stress and anxiety caused by the uncertainty of back pain

Number Three

Reduce fear connected to pain memory.

Number Four

Reconnect with your body and its amazing ability to heal itsel

Number Five

Find renewed confidence in your body

Number Six

Reduce and better manage your back pain.


Nurture the connection between your mind and body using breathwork and yoga.


Provide relaxation tools to reduce tension in the body.


Teach you simple techniques to allow you to manage back pain and discomfort


Empower you to make subtle but effective changes in your daily life, improving your general back health.

This is FOR you if: 

  • You have a back injury and have discussed beginning the practice of yoga with your health provider.
  • You don’t have a back injury and wish to commit to improve your back health using yoga.
  • You are ready to do the homework + see the results
  • You honour and respect boundaries
  • You commit to doing the work and taking full responsibility for your own success

This is NOT for you if: 

  • You have a back injury and have not spoken with your health care provider about beginning a restorative yoga practice.
  • You are looking for a physical therapist 
  • You need 1:1 handholding and guidance 
  • You aren’t able to respect boundaries.

Available From 23RD March 2023

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You will have lifetime access to

Video tuition

Lifetime (of the course, min 24 months) access to Video tution of Yoga routines and Meditation practices exclusive to Feel into your Back.

Downloadable learning materials

Lifetime (of the course, min 24 months) access to worksheets and presentations for download. Exculsive to Feel into your Back

Audio files

Lifetime (of the course, min 24 months) access to downloadable audio meditations exclusive to Feel into your Back.

Facebook group

Access to the Feel into your back Facebook Group. Connect with others who are working through the course. Lisa will answer questions in a monthly Facebook Live.

Why learn from me ?

  • I understand what you are going through, I have suffered with back pain all of my adult life. 
  • I rehabilitated from my own back injury without surgery and without long term medication using the techniques I will teach you in this course. 
  • I can break stuff down to be easy to understand and simple (and hopefully enjoyable!) 
  • I am passionate about helping you reconnect and feel confident in your amazing body again!
  • I will encourage you and support you and answer any questions you may have via the Feel into Your Back facebook group.  
  • I’m not going to upsell you into some massively priced mastermind to give you the REAL information… I’ll just give you everything I know in this course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything will be recorded. You will have access to the course for it’s Lifetime which will be AT LEAST 24 months.

Yes, absolutely. There is no assumed level of fitness required for the yoga classes and workshops I teach. You could be a couch potato or an athlete, yoga can benefit everyone. Yoga can help you gain a sense of physical confidence and overall well-being.

Yoga can provide a therapeutic tool for healing and recovering from an injury. Yoga helps restore flexibility and range of movement recovery after surgery and can prevent adhesions. It strengthens and realigns older bodies. If you have an injury ask your medical practitioner about participating in this course.

It’s advisable but not essential. If you want to practice at home then having your own mat is a great idea. They aid stability and create a special physical and energetic space for you to practice on. They are available from lots of places at lots of different price points

Yes, absolutely! The course is based around healing yoga, specifically targeting the back and on building core strength. There is also an element of meditation within the course along with other techniques and mindsets that I have learnt in my back health journey.

Yes! In fact you are a perfect candidate for this course and for yoga in general. Many people think that they need to be flexible to begin yoga, but that’s a little bit like thinking that you need to be able to play tennis in order to take tennis lessons. You will find that yoga practice will help you become more flexible and will strengthen your body and reduce your back pain.