Calm Your spirit

One to One Coaching

Discover balance and renewed well-being with Yin Yoga, Meditation and the power of life force energy

Are you struggling with an illness, recovering from an injury or facing challenges because of stress and anxiety? If so, I have something just for you! 

As a dedicated Energy worker, Yin yoga and Meditation teacher, I specialise in working with Life Force Energy to promote overall well-being, self healing and inner harmony. 

Because every body is different and has different ranges of flexibility and movement I have devised a personalised coaching plan to help you work towards your personal fitness and health goals.  

Improve your fitness, flexibility and overall well-being with the practices of yin yoga and meditation, while finding rhythm and connection to the earths cycles

Let me help you create the perfect practice routine to fit within your lifestyle, crafted to work with any specific health issues you may be struggling with. I will help you to create fitness goals, stay motivated and of course support you in your practices. Together, we will embark on a journey of self – discovery, self healing, and empowerment as we create a personalised practice plan of yoga and meditation that suits your unique needs. 

All this from the comfort of your own home, so it doesnt matter where you are in the world, you can participate and benefit from one to one CALM YOUR SPIRIT coaching. We will work together via video call and email and you will recieve personalised videos, audio recordings and downloadable learning materials, whatever time zone you are currently in you can still benefit from working with CALM YOUR SPIRIT.

Whatever brought you here, instinct or curiosity then I am sure you have questions. I can help you to begin your journey towards improved well-being and this all starts with a discovery video / phone call. 
Cost 25€ - 40 minute call

What my One to One coaching plan Offers

  • Personalised Yin Yoga Routine – Each month, you will recieve a specifically curated Yin Yoga routine in video format tailored to address your personal goals and challenges. These routines will help you cultivate strength and flexibility and relaxation, while promoting balance and harmony within your body and mind. 
  • Personalised Meditation Plan – Each month you will recieve a thoughtfully curated Guided Meditation plan in Audio and PDF format tailored to address your specific goals and challenges. These Plans will help you cultivate inner peace and relaxation, while promoting softness and calm within your body and mind.  
  • Earth Connection – We will explore topics such as moon cycles, the five element theory, solstices, equinoxes and other practices. Deepening your understanding of the interplay between nature and your own well-being, gaining insight into your inner self while nurturing a deeper connection with the energies of the earth.
  • Instruction On Life Force Energy – Learn how life force energy can affect our well-being. Find out how we can nurture and work with this powerful energy. 
  • Supportive And Nurturing Guidance- I will be with you every step of the way as your dedicated coach. Together, we will create a safe and non-judgemental space for you to nurture your body and mind. You can count on my expertise and compassion and understanding throughout this journey.
  • Encouragement And Accountability – Building a consistent practice can be challenging, but with me as your guide, you’ll recieve the motivation and accountability you need to stay commited. I will be by your side to celebrate your progress, answer your questions, and provide ongoing support to help you achieve your goals.

Are You ready to embark on a journey of self - care, wellness and empowerment?

With my coaching support , you will gain the tools and knowledge to create a sustainable practice of Yin Yoga and Meditation, bringing balance and improved well-being into your life. Experience the transformative benefits of these ancient practices and reclaim your wellness. 

I truly believe in the power of Yin Yoga and meditation to harmonise the body, mind and spirit. By incorporating the principles of the five element theory and working with the cycles of nature, we tap into a profound source of wisdom and balance.

This ancient knowledge teaches us how to align our practice with the ever changing seasons, enabling us to cultivate a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us. 

Dont let your physical or mental health hold you back. Take the first step towards a lighter, brighter and more fulfilling life today!

The Benefits

1. Enhanced Physical Wellbeing

Yin Yoga gently stretches and stimulates the deep connective tissues in your body, promoting flexibility and joint health. Combined with the caming effects of meditation, this practice can alleviate stress, tension and physical discomfort.

2. Emotional Balance

Through personalised coaching you will learn how to cultivate emotional resilience and balance. Yin Yoga and meditation are renowned for being benificial to people with anxiety, to help improve sleep quality and to promote a sense of inner peace.

3. Mindfulness and presence

By focusing on the present moment and cultivating self awareness, you will be guided towards a greater sense of clarity and calm. Regular practice can improve concentration, expand creativity and cultivate a deeper connection with yourself and others.

4. Holistic Well-being

My approach encompasses mind, body and spirit. By integrating the principles of Yin Yoga and working with the cycles of nature, I will help you create balance and harmony in all areas of life. This holistic approach fosters overall well-being and vitality.

5. Personalised Guidance

I am dedicated to helping you in your individual growth and progress. I will tailor each yin yoga video and meditation recording to your unique needs and goals, ensuring that you receive the most effective guidance and support along your journey.

6. Accountability and motivation

As your coach, I will be commited to helping you achieve your goals and fostering a lasting positive a change in your life. With my accountability I will gently hold you responsible for your progress and provide you with the necesary tools and techniques to stay on track. My motivation will serve as a driving force to keep you inspired and engaged throughout the month.


One month coaching = 150€ Investment in yourself
You will receive :
  • One month of support and coaching.
  • Weekly – A personalised 30 minute yin yoga routine 
  • Weekly – A personalised guided meditation plan
  • Two 30 Minute check in video calls for support instruction and motivation. (on week 2 and week 4) 
  • Two Email check ins for support and motivation (On week 1 and week 3)
  • Ongoing instruction on the principles and philosophy of Yin Yoga, the power of Life Force Energy and how nurturing a deeper connection with the earths cycles can support our continued well-being
  • One month Rooted Souls Circle membership (usual price 15€)

FREE BONUS OFFER (first month only)

  • Online course – Creating Stillness Within: A Beginners Guide To Yin Yoga. Delivered in Four modules (One per week) This course will help you to get the best from your Yin Yoga Practice. (usual price 85€) 

Why Learn from me?

  • I understand what you are going through, I have suffered with illness and injurys throughout my life and know how it feels to be in pain and desperate to help yourself feel better. 
  • I can break stuff down to be easy to understand and simple (and hopefully enjoyable!) 
  • I am passionate about helping you reconnect and feel confident in your amazing body again!
  • I will encourage you, support you and help you to stay motivated.
  • I am qualified to teach you Yoga and Meditation and how your Life Force Energy works.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything will be recorded. You will have access to the material for it’s Lifetime which will be AT LEAST 24 months.

Yes, absolutely. There is no assumed level of fitness required for the yoga classes and workshops I teach. You could be a couch potato or an athlete, yoga can benefit everyone. Yoga can help you gain a sense of physical confidence and overall well-being.

Yoga can provide a therapeutic tool for healing and recovering from an injury. Yoga helps restore flexibility and range of movement recovery after surgery and can prevent adhesions. It strengthens and realigns older bodies. If you have an injury ask your medical practitioner about participating in the coaching plan.

It’s advisable but not essential. If you want to practice at home then having your own mat is a great idea. They aid stability and create a special physical and energetic space for you to practice on. They are available from lots of places at lots of different price points

Yes, absolutely! The course is based around Yin yoga, . There is also an element of meditation within the course along with other techniques and mindsets that I have learnt on my wellness journey.

Yes! In fact you are a perfect candidate for this coaching plan and for yoga in general. Many people think that they need to be flexible to begin yoga, but that’s a little bit like thinking that you need to be able to play tennis in order to take tennis lessons. You will find that yoga practice will help you become more flexible and will strengthen your body.

"The First Step Towards Getting Somewhere Is To Decide That You Are Not Going
To Stay Where You Are "

This is for you if

  • You have an injury and have discussed beginning a restorative yoga & meditation practice with your health provider.
  • You don’t have an injury or illness and wish to commit to improve your well-being using yoga.
  • You are ready to do the homework & see the results
  • You honour and respect boundaries
  • You commit to doing the work and taking full responsibility for your own success

This is not for you if

  • You have an injury and have not spoken with your health care provider about beginning a restorative yoga & meditation practice.
  • You are looking for a physical therapist  
  • You aren’t able to respect boundaries. 
It may be that you have a chronic illness, an injury or that you are struggling with the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Whatever you are dealing with, you don’t have to continue to do it alone. I can help you to begin your journey towards improved well-being and this all starts with a DISCOVERY video / phone call.

The P.S Disclaimer

All of my suggested self care tools should be used on the understanding that they are part of a holistic treatment plan. They are not meant to take the place of standard medical or psychological treatment, but to accompany and work alongside it. Some of the information contained herein is metaphysical in nature and does not claim to heal or cure. We certainly can use all of these self care tools as a guide and as support for a more holistic lifestyle.