What is meditation?

The simple answer is that it is a mental exercise which aims to quieten all of the jumble and chatter that rolls around in our head on a moment to moment basis.

As with physical exercise this can come in many forms, and to get better at it you will need to practice. 

There are lots of different types of meditation exercises and there will be one to suit you.

Each style of meditation uses different techniques to help you to quieten your mind. Some lead the mind through a process or a visualisation, others encourage the mind to focus on a physical object, the breath, a sound or a movement. 

Whatever style you try, the outcome is the same. Meditation is a technique that helps us to withdraw, not only from the distractions of our outer world but from the chatter of our inner voice, to find space and peace within.

It can be challenging and takes practice, but there are so many physical and mental health benefits, so taking the time to start is worth it.


Your Mind, Body and Spirit will thank you 

Slow down and take a breath

Nurturing a healthy body,

a sound mind & a tranquil spirit 

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Which Meditation technique ?

Guided Meditation

This type of meditation is perfect for beginners


Involves concentration using any of the five senses.


This is an active form of meditation where the movement guides you into a deeper connection with your body and the present moment.

Mindfulness meditation

In mindfulness meditation you pay attention to your thoughts as they pass through your mind. You dont judge your thoughts or get involved with them. You simply observe and take note of any patterns.

Loving Kindness meditation

This meditation type typically involves opening the mind to receive love from others and then sending well wishes to loved ones, friends, aquaintances and all living beings.

Mantra Meditation

This type of meditation uses a repetitive sound to clear the mind. It can be a word, phrase or sound. One of the most common being Om.


By allowing ourselves to withdraw into a state of peace without any distraction we have the opportunity to bear witness to our thoughts and judgements as they pass us by.

This is so beneficial to our mental health and wellbeing as it helps us to notice and observe any struggles we are having on a particular day, to notice how our mind and body feels and to help us to be non judgemental and compassionate to ourselves.

Meditation also gives us the opportunity to rest our mind. Our modern lifestyles overload our senses and this can be draining. The practice of meditation helps us to reset and avoid burnout by giving our mind the opportunity to take some well deserved time out.

For some of us the thought of quieting our mind, slowing down and sitting still can actually be quite scary. When life is a struggle, distraction can feel like the only way to get through the day . But the reality is that living in a high state of stimulation 24 / 7 is exhausting! Our mind needs to rest as much as our body and our mental health is just as important as our physical health. 

Why not give it a go, start with 5 minutes a day.

Numbers speak

So many people from around the world practice meditation on a regular basis for different reasons. The main benefit being reduced stress and anxiety and improved health and overall wellbeing.

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Practice meditation worldwide. Considering all of the health benefits it offers, its no suprise that an increasing number of people are turning to meditation to improve their mental and physical wellbeing.

Source (goodbody)


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Meditation improves anxiety levels. After meditating for 6-9 months, almost two-thirds of those prone to anxiety managed to reduce their anxiety levels.

Source (project meditation) 

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Meditation relieves insomnia. The majority of people with insomnia who meditated on a daily basis were able to fall asleep more quickly. In fact 75% of them needed only up to 20 minutes to doze off. Additionally 91% of insomniacs reduced or eliminated their use of sleeping medication.

Source (project meditation)

Just a few of the benefits

Our busy lives often mean that we are living in a state of constant over stimulation.

This can bring stress, anxiety and have an impact on our physical health.

Bring your mind and body and spirit back into balance with Meditation.

Find your inner sanctuary where you can just be…..

Reduces symptoms related to Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Improves Insomnia and increases  quality of sleep

Reduces muscular pain 

Has a positive impact on high blood pressure

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