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Feel happier, healthy, more focused and lighter

  • Feeling out of sorts?
  • Living in a state of underlying stress?
  • feeling the bubble of anxiety just below the surface on a daily basis?
  • Struggling to recover from an illness or injury?

These things that negatively impact your daily life can benefit from the calming and grounding benefits of meditation and Yoga.

Finding a space of peace gives your mind and body the opportunity to rest and regroup and find your true groove and flow and to aid the body in its natural quest for balance and health.

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Hi lovely friends!

I’m a Reiki practitioner/ teacher, Meditation and Yoga teacher with a passion for flowers, herbs, books and crystals. I’m a huge advocate of the power of holistic self care and my mission is to share with you all of the tools I have learnt while recovering from my own health issues and injuries.

I host the youtube channel Calm Your Spirit, an online community to inspire and share holistic healing tools and techniques with a wider audience. 

My Calm Your Spirit community provides high quality practices on meditation, healing yoga and energy work at no cost in order to share these self care practices with people of all ages across the globe. 

I know that when we get to a certain age, staying fit and feeling bright and sparkly can start to feel like a daily struggle. It’s especially hard when the universe throws extra challenges at you in the form of injuries or illnesses. Let me help you to feel lighter and brighter by teaching you all of the things I have learnt about wellness on my own self care and self healing journey. 

Lisa Bentley

Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Energy Worker

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Why calm your spirit?

The flow of life can sometimes feel like we are being thrown around amongst the waves and the tide, sometimes struggling to stay afloat .

The difficulty of fighting to break free of the current so that you can float off in your own direction, can be exhausting and feel overwhelming.

Anchoring ourselves and drawing all of our scattered energy back within and reconnecting with ourselves and the earth has a massive positive impact on our physical and mental health.  

Taking care of every aspect of ourselves has never been more important. Join my community and together we can find balance and grounding.

Your Mind, Body & Spirit Will Thank You

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the P.S disclaimer

 All of my suggested self care tools should be used on the understanding that they are part of a holistic treatment plan. They are not meant to take the place of standard medical or psychological treatment, but to accompany and work alongside it. Some of the information contained herein is metaphysical in nature and does not claim to heal or cure. We certainly can use all of these self care tools as a guide and as support for a more holistic lifestyle.