Living With Pain

Pain is something that is hard to measure, is hard to explain and is hard for others to understand.

When you are in pain it can be all consuming and in the forefront of your every thought and movement  it affects how you think and how you show up in the world.

It’s easy for your pain to sweep you up and take over who you are, so that it becomes almost part of who you are, your identity.

But, our pain should not define us, because Pain is sneaky, if we let it take over then it restricts us, drags us down and shrinks our life.

Now you may think that I’m being too flippant about pain, that I don’t understand and that it’s easier said than done to push all of those pain related thoughts to the side.


Realisation And Healing

Let me share a secret with you. I too spent a lot of time in all consuming pain and I almost let it engulf me, but one day after a treatment with a great friend and healer I realised that I was actually feeding my pain. It had become part of my identity and I was letting it take me.

With lots of deep introspection I realised that a lot of my physical pain had come about because of past trauma and stuff that had happened in my life, and I began to fight back and slowly began to heal a little at a time.

Change Of Perspective

Yoga and Meditation were a huge part of my healing journey and bit by bit I began to find myself again. Finding a safe space on the yoga mat was a catalyst to deep healing that was desperately needed.

Changing the way we look at our health and healing can be just the starting point we need to begin to heal ourselves , because at the end of the day we all have the power to make huge leaps forward in our healing journey.

Our body desperately wants to heal itself and bring itself back into balance, the question is are you going to help it or are you going to stay in your “comfortable” place of pain? 

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