What is our special connection to flowers all about ?

Have you ever wondered why we love flowers so much? What the special connection to flowers we have is all about ? After 28 years working in the flower business I think i’ve figured it out.

Forever A Florist -

Most of my working life has revolved around flowers, I have been a florist since the age of 15 and have mostly loved my job. A few times I have felt unsettled and have wondered whether the grass was greener (no pun intended) in other jobs and have left the world of flowers to give other careers a go. But, before very long the need to revisit my special connection to flowers was too much.

I am definitely not alone with this feeling , many of my fellow florist friends have had similar experience. There is a connection we have with flowers and an almost overwhelming need to be around them. Unfortunately, due to a persistent back injury I had to come to terms with the fact I am at the end of my florist career. So, I naturally began to think about why we have this pull towards flowers and what fuels it

A Deep Earth Connection -

I feel it’s much deeper than their beauty, although that definitely helps. I think it is more to do with our connection with mother earth, our primal need to stay connected with her in any way that we can.

If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change.

Around the time of The Industrial Revolution things really started to dramatically change for us humans. New farming techniques amplified food production, increasing a spike in population and good health. Meaning the flip side to this was that people had now become reliant on others to provide them with their food and towns and villages grew. This left us with less rural space and took many of us away from living amongst nature and from our daily connection to the earth.

Fast forward a few hundred years and look around at how little natural land we have around us. It seems obvious that we should have an innate need to find a connection to the earth through flowers.

Flower Energy -

Finding our way back to nature holds great importance for our inner health and well being. Some of us are lucky enough to be surrounded by it. While others have to connect however they can, so having flowers and plants in the home is a great place to start.

There are always flowers for those who want to see them

Flowers, are treasured gifts from mother earth. I believe each bloom holds its very own secret and story . When we pick it or admire it, it energetically connects us to nature, the earth and the universe. Flowers, like Crystals, have their own unique energy signature and learning to listen to and connect with it is easier than you would imagine.

  • Flower divination is a fascinating way of connecting with a bloom. Each twist and turn of the stem and shape of the flower can give an interesting insight on life and your earth connection . There is lots of information and symbolism in a single stem of flower. You just need to know how to interpret them.
  • Mediation is another way to really connect with the energy of your chosen flower. Firstly, Sit quietly. Then, concentrate on your flower while feeling its energy. This is a great way of relaxing and calming the mind. You may also come away with some useful understanding of yourself and also fine tune your intuition.

Blooms For All -

One thing is for sure. Flowers are for everybody, we can all enjoy them in parks and gardens, hedgerows and meadows and in vases in our homes. Above all, they lift our mood when we are feeling low and brighten up our day. It’s safe to say that my flower journey is not ready to end quite yet. I will always have the urge to create with and be obsessed with beautiful flowers.

To the wild woman being spiritual means; whispering to trees, laughing with flowers, falling in love with sunsets, consulting the waters and consulting the stars at night. One hand to her heart and one hand touching mother earth.

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