Take A Holistic Approach To Your Health ANd Wellness

When you have been feeling unwell due to illness or injury for any length of time it can be very difficult to look beyond your pain. Feeling in constant pain and discomfort makes us lose our sparkle and can impact our mental health. Holistic healing offers us the opportunity to improve our general health and wellbeing by looking at our healing from a unique and empowering perspective.

In the midst of illness and pain it becomes very easy to hand over all responsibility of our body and its issues to our doctors and caregivers expecting them to heal us. However, by looking at our life and body as a whole and adopting holistic healing techniques we can take back control of our health and wellbeing and begin to heal ourselves in a more natural and empowering way.

In order to holistically heal our physical body we need to work on bringing all areas of ourselves back into balance. Only then will we be able to feel in alignment and in optimal health.

The Mind, The Physical Body and The Emotional Body

Holistic Health is when we look at our wellness as a whole. We consider that issues within our mind or emotional body can affect our physical health and equally, that our physical issues can have an affect on our mental health. 

We look from a holistic perspective and then begin to treat any illness or pain we have by looking at potential issues that our mind, body and emotional body may have. Bringing each area of ourselves back into balance helps us to return to a state of general wellness.

Our body craves balance and it will work really hard to heal and return itself to its natural state of equilibrium. We just need to give it a helping hand by providing a good environment for it to do its job.

Once we understand our bodies’ innate healing ability, the easier it is to help it heal. So, providing our body with a healthy environment is then up to us.

Taking Responsibility

If you are here, then the time is right for you to look at your healing in a different way. These are the techniques I originally used to holistically heal myself after I suffered a back injury. I continue to use these techniques to keep my body happy and healthy


Be kind and compassionate to yourself and your body. Reflect on how you talk about yourself and your body , what is your inner narrative? Are you hard on yourself ? Listen to your inner voice and try to create a new habit of being loving and compassionate to yourself and learn to appreciate and wonder at the magic of your body’s natural healing system, it really is amazing. Learning to heal starts with self love.

Open Your Mind To Another Way Of Living

Acknowledging that an area of your life such as your job or relationship is having an adverse affect on your health can be difficult. However, if something in your life is the contributing factor in your health issues this actually means that you aren’t in alignment with your true self. Try reflecting on how your lifestyle could be affecting your health. Is there something you need to change?

Food and Nutrition

The phrase “we are what we eat ” is never so true as when we are trying to heal ourselves. Therefore, feeding our body nutritious food is essential for recovery and healing. Try researching foods which are healing for your illness or injury and be honest with yourself about things that you are eating or drinking which may not be helpful to your body’s health. However, changing your diet needn’t be a shock to the system. Begin by reducing unhelpful foods and drinks one at a time and swap them for something that is more healthy. The transition might take a month or so but once you have begun it will get easier and you and your body will begin to feel the benefits.

Move Your Body

Exercise is a great way to take back control of your body and its healing power. It has been proven to boost morale and helps rebuild confidence in your body. It’s important to realise that no matter what your injury or pain there is some form of exercise that will help you to heal. Motivation and dedication will be required, but in return you will build strength, confidence and self satisfaction in knowing that you are empowered and taking your healing into your own hands.

Which forms of exercise do you think would help you to heal ? Swimming? Restorative yoga? walking? there are so many gentle ways to begin moving your body. Find a good teacher or instructor who specialises in recovery from injuries and illness. Being motivated and supported really does make a difference.

Remember, You Are Not Alone

Taking responsibility for your health doesn’t mean going it alone. We are looking at healing holistically and that means looking at every aspect of our healing journey. That journey will usually involve doctors and other health professionals. With some conditions and illnesses it’s helpful and necessary to be supported by medication, a health team or even surgery. Medical intervention is there to help you to get better, but once you have had your surgery or have your medication then the healing is over to you. Finally, It is time for you to create the best possible environment for your body to do its thing.

Complimentary therapy

Visiting a complementary therapist is a wonderful way to help your body to heal. For instance, Reflexology , massage , acupuncture, Reiki etc. are so useful. They aid the body’s natural healing system by bringing it back into balance. These therapies are just one part of your bigger healing picture, therefore, they work alongside your medical care and your holistic lifestyle to give your body the best possible environment and opportunity to heal itself.

Energy Healing

Our illness and injury can have its root in an emotional issue which we have experienced and not fully released. As an energy worker I believe that residue of our painful emotional experiences can sit in and around the body. Consequently, the body’s flow of natural life force energy gets interupted. So using energy healing to bring the body back into its natural energy flow can boost its natural healing system and help the body to facilitate its own healing.

There are many ways to work with energy, my first introduction to energy work was via Reiki and it’s still my favourite energy tool. Learning about and practicing Reiki is a wonderful and easy way to connect with the life force energy that is all around us. You can visit a practitioner for a Reiki treatment or even better, you can become attuned or initiated into Reiki and treat yourself .


Never underestimate the power of a positive mind. Using positive language and looking positively towards your future health goals can have a profound effect . Remember, thoughts and words have power, use this as a tool to help you move forward on your holistic healing journey.

“I allow the healing power in my body to manifest perfect health.”

So, the key to helping your body to holistically heal is to take responsibility for creating the best possible environment for your body to do what comes naturally, to heal itself. These things take time and patience, so remember to be compassionate with yourself and your body.

Congratulations on taking back your healing power and good luck on your journey.

Be brave, be kind to yourself and most importantly be happy and healthy

Love Lisa x

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