The Positivity Effect

Holistic living has health and well being at its core with the fundamental emphasis of living life in a balanced way. People who live in this way tend to look at the bigger picture and consider a balanced and healthy body, mind and spirit extremely important for general wellness.

Bearing this in mind, it is easy to see how important it is to be in a positive state of mind for overall well being. Living life at a higher energy vibration and in a positive state of mind makes life more fun, more carefree and allows us to feel more in touch with each other , the earth and the universal energy that surrounds us.

The lighter you feel in your emotional, spiritual and physical bodies the healthier you will be, enjoying a healthier body , with less aches and pains and illness and an emotional state that feels balanced and in alignment with your true self. You will feel happier, calmer, more confident in yourself and will have the ability to deal with any problems the universe throws at you.

Raising Your Vibration

Living a positive and high vibration life will allow your natural energy and your abilities to manifest what you want for your life to flow, allowing you to live a more contented life more in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

A great place to start when looking to feel more positive is to actively lift your vibration. You can do this in so many ways from taking a bath, dancing around to your favourite song , getting a new haircut, laughing, singing, mantras, yoga , the list goes on. The important thing is to come at this from a place of love and compassion for yourself and to make an effort to do at least one thing everyday which raises your vibration.

My Top Tips to help you create the positivity effect

Surround Yourself With Positive People

This can be difficult to implement if your family are the negative influences in your life , but it is possible to choose who you spend the most time with, for those you cant avoid, smile and surround yourself in an imaginary protective bubble which deflects their negativity. Choose people who uplift you and allow your own positivity to shine through.

Read Positive Material

Avoid potentially negative / upsetting / low energy websites, books and newspapers . Instead find a subject which inspires you, makes you laugh or is uplifting. It’s amazing how when you start looking, so many new positive reads appear.

Watch Only Uplifting TV And Video

There is so much negative news and low vibrational things on the internet and on TV. Try to find things which are of a high energy vibration and watch videos, TV and films which are of a positive nature . You will really notice the difference in yourself when you actively seek uplifting things to watch.

Participate In Uplifting Activities

Get out of the house and do an exercise class, walk outdoors, do the garden, join an evening class and learn something new . These are all activities which give us the opportunity to feel satisfied , accomplished and good about ourselves.

Use Positive Language With Others

Using positive language when speaking about and to others sends out a positive message to other people and returns back to you. We humans are like mirrors , if somebody is offhand or rude to you our default response is of the same tone and manner. So, by being positive in our language and in the way we behave towards people we are creating a positive environment for ourselves and others .

Use Positive Language with Yourself

Be kind to yourself, we can be our own worst critic. Notice what your inner and outer voice is saying and try to make a conscious effort to correct any negative speech into positive language .

Think Positive

Try to find the positive in every situation, even when things are difficult you can find a silver lining to that cloud . Putting a positive spin on things can make life more bearable during a very tough time.

Notice Beauty In Your Environment

Stop , take a breath and enjoy your surroundings . Enjoy the view from a window, a beautiful flower, the sound of children playing , the smell of freshly cut grass. Feel gratitude for the beauty that surrounds us every day.

Be Kind

Unless you have walked in somebody else’s shoes it is impossible to judge their decisions and choices. Try not to think too harshly about somebody based on what you see, being compassionate towards others leads to a more positive space for yourself and those around you.


Your face, body language and posture can dictate your mood. When we feel low our bodies automatic response is to frown, hunch our shoulders and generally go within ourselves with a tense posture. A smile actually releases tension in the face and is a great way to fool the body and mind into thinking that we are relaxed. Our posture not only reflects the way we feel but it also influences it, so if you are feeling a little out of sorts try sticking a smile on your face putting your shoulders back and see how it helps to lift your positivity.


Starting the day with gratitude is a wonderful way to begin a positivity infused day. There is always something to be grateful for, food to eat, a warm bed, family , friends. It is a wonderful habit to get into and one that will start to change the way you live your life. Try writing a gratitude diary, it’s amazing what effect it has on your general positivity .

I would love to hear the ways that you bring positivity into your life, leave your top tips in the comments below.

Much Love

Lisa x

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