Are You Feeling Disconnected?

What does disconnected mean ? how do I know I am disconnected ?

  • You just don’t feel yourself in a negative way, and you don’t know why.
  • It’s like you are floating around doing your normal day to day activities in a clear bubble which separates you from everybody else.
  •  You can’t fully feel the way you usually do, your emotions and feelings are somehow subdued and life doesn’t feel as much fun or as enjoyable as it should.

(Its important to note at this point that these symptoms can also be symptoms of depression and other health issues, if you are feeling low and are struggling then it may well be worth a chat with your Doctor.) 

Other Symptoms may be

Feeling unbalanced

A flare up of an existing illness 

Lack of motivation / purpose

Feeling tearful 

Floating from one task to another 

Feelings of panic and anxiety

Feeling out of “the loop” with friends and family 

Lack of power and control

Fearful for an unknown reason 

Feeling generally unwell 

Constantly feeling stressed

Unhappiness and loneliness 

These feelings may come from a disconnection from one or all of the following 

  • Universal life energy – The thing that sustains life and provides vital energy to all living systems.
  • Our true self – who you really are
  • Nature – spending time outdoors and with animals
  • Each other – friends and family, neighbours and work colleagues 

In today’s modern world it is so easy to tootle through life without truly connecting with others and the world we live in.

  • We are spending more and more time alone and inside, using technology as a way to interact with each other.
  • We are eating huge amounts of processed “fake “ food which has absolutely no connection to natural nutritious food.
  • We have lost touch with the basics of life such as homebuilding and food production.
  • We are living in bigger cities and losing our sense of community.
  • We are more likely to put ourselves under pressure due to feelings of inadequacy, therefore separating ourselves from others and not being our true self.

How Can I Reconnect?

The good news is that there are many ways to reconnect. The first is by recognising your disconnection and realising that you are feeling this way. 



Is a wonderful way to reconnect with your true self, connect with prana ( universal life energy) and increase your fitness and overall wellness. It’s so accessible with classes for all ages and abilities. It is so empowering to take your self healing into your own hands. Find out more over on my Yoga page 


Is a way to rest the mind and when we have a rested and quiet mind we can truly listen to what our true self / higher self is trying to tell us. Learn more about meditation over on my meditation page 


Reminds us to live in the moment, to not pressure ourselves about things that happened in the past or things that could potentially happen in the future. Just breathe and just be. 

Getting Outside.

Gardening, walking or enjoying outdoor activities in nature helps us to realise that we have a deep connection to the earth, the sun and moon, the sea and the universe. Getting outside to exercise is also an amazing way to boost our energy and immunity and to lift your mood.


Helps nurture a sense of identity and confidence and connection with your true self.  It is also a great way to get perspective on a situation. 

Spending Time With Friends

We are social creatures and meeting up with friends is great for our overall health and well being. Laughing with friends is proven to decrease stress hormones and increase immune cells and infection fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to disease. Laughing also triggers the release of endorphins which makes the bodies feel good. 

A Balanced Diet

Aside from the obvious benefits of eating well, such as weight loss and general good health, eating a balanced diet helps our mood , productivity and memory. It also allows us to deepen our earth connection. If you have the space to grow some of your own food then even better. If you don’t have much space then patio pots and window boxes are great for growing seasonal veggies and herbs. 

Practicing Positivity

It helps attract positive things, people and experiences into your life. Surround yourself with positive people and remember to train yourself to think positively and to use positive language . Thoughts and words have energy and the universe has a habit of sending us the type of energy that we send out. So use this to your benefit.

Setting off on your journey to reconnect may feel a little daunting but by introducing just one or two of the above you will soon be on your way to connectedness and feeling and being :

  • powerful and in control of your life
  • Connected to others and a feeling of oneness
  • Strong and focused
  • Clear minded
  • Self confidence
  • Calm
  • Happy
  • Peaceful
  • Motivated
  • Healthy
  • Excited about life
  • Centred and balanced
  • Able to create goals and work towards them
  • Having the confidence to deal with any problem that is thrown at you 

Let me know ways that you stay connected with life.

Take Care 

Love Lisa x

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